Shalini has three children - David (10 years old), Dayna (8 years old) and Danelle (5 years old). In 2016, she made the difficult decision of sending Dayna to mainstream school. Now, all her children have begun their studies in mainstream schools. Despite the challenges of transitioning, Shalini pushes on, enriching their lives with the values of family, friendship and doing the things they love.


Estella Bartlett

Intricate star, and pineapple charms on delicate silver- and gold-plated necklaces… Friendship bracelets woven in colourful threads of mint, chartreuse and lilac or a classic palette of blush, grey and navy… All carefully presented in packaging given just as much thought. Positive and inspiring musings add a personal element now synonymous with the brand, while a reversible inner card allows the customer to write their own message. Together with accessible price points, it’s these little touches that make Estella Bartlett jewellery the perfect gift.


The Giving Keys 

Embrace your word, then Pay It Forward to a person you feel needs the message more than you. Then write us a story of why you gave it away.


Gas Bijoux

Closer to the work of jewelry than costume jewelry, Gas Bijoux has opened a new path, that of the High Fantasy. The know-how of the house Gas Bijoux, through permanent collections of timeless jewelry collections and trends, comes in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, rings and watches.