The Company

Maison de Vacances is a completely independant french company created in 1995. The idea of Maison de Vacances is born in the heart of Paris, in the gardens of the Palais Royal.

Since 2000, a year of strong international growth, the company is managed by Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac. Their former activities of fashion designer and art director easily explain how deep they are involved in the evolutions of fashion’s trend and lifestyles. « Dress up your interiors as you wanna be dressed up » could be their claim...

The Style

Maison de Vacances ’ style is first of all a lifestyle. A style made for a life where desire turns into necessity, where luxury dares to be bohemian and has sense of humour. A modern style, bearing the colours of life, changing with seasons and open to any new horizon... Anywhere, anytime, it must follow all the desires of those who’ve adopted it.

Maison de Vacances ’ style is based on the combination of the the most fashionable and finest materials with our 100 % natural linen. Like painters, we can play with our colours and textured fabrics on this canvas and change the scenery day after day without losing the thread of history.

Made in France

Designed and Made in France... It’s not a coincidence... For us, it has always been a principle of ethics. If each object expresses a style and a lifestyle, it also conceals a way of production and a special relation to the world. The beauty of an object is mainly made of its history, a dialectic history of course. Creation against copy, dignity against exploitation...We do not accept to think about design out of these questions.

All about LOVE

Because every single gesture made by Aurélie has the grace of Love... Because like the celestial stars the light she gives off comes from the reactions of fusion deep inside her heart... Because she knows how to melt into colours and materials and then become colour and material... Because she knows work as well as beauty... Because she’s real and authentic and all our story and all what we fight for are real and authentic... Because, one night, together we’ve decided to dance until the end of Love…

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