MIMENTO and Little Dance Academy. School of Russian Ballet celebrate passion, chasing dreams and unforgettable milestones. MIMENTO is a socially conscious retail concept, connecting gorgeously-crafted jewelry and objects to discerning customers in a beautifully humane experience. By partnering with Little Dance Academy. School of Russian Ballet, we hope you will find the perfect keepsake to celebrate those special memories. 

Les Néréides
"Together, we created Les Néréides Paris with one simple vision: do what we love, and do it to the best of our ability, in order to share our passions and motivations with the rest of the world. Les Néréides Paris is a family story that comes from the heart; a story that we have been writing every day for thirty-six years." - Pascale & Enzo Amaddeo, Founders of Les Néréides.

Les Néréides creations are an incarnation of French refinement with a keen eye for detail. The pure lines, harmonious colors, choice of materials are the fruit of a meticulous work. The jewelry is all handmade and hand painted in their workshops. Each piece is unique. Wishing to align tradition with modernity the house has demonstrated technical curiosity accompanied by a permanent quest for innovation.

Pas de Deux Collection 
Iconic, beautiful and timeless. Inspired by the passion and elegance of ballet. Each unique piece made with hand enameled brass, plated in 14K gold and decorated with rhinestones, faceted glass, glass pearls and beads to make any girl feel special. From dainty to more dramatic pieces, the Les Néréides Ballet Collection has something for everyone.


Swan Lake has always been a key theme in the small world of ballet and one that is know the world over. This season it has inspired N2 to create some really feminine and graceful pieces of jewellery where feather and gilded crowns give a regal feel to this collection. It tells the story of a Prince sho falls in love with a young woman under a curse and who turns into a swan at sunrise... Playing on the duality of black and white, these very fine pieces of brass jewellery testify to N2's attachment to the world of dance and the stars of ballet.