BOUTON is a luxurious sterling silver jewellery brand founded by established British jewellery designer, Adrian Buckley. Eternal in appeal yet contemporary in design, BOUTON is the creation of using the best techniques in jewellery craftsmanship to ensure each collection looks amazing and yet will last for decades. BOUTON is renowned for its signature micro pave setting technique, in which very small stones are carefully set to obtain a gem embellished look. Whilst this setting style goes back to the earliest days of jewellery crafting and design, the finished product coming from the hands of the BOUTON master setter can make for some of the most beautiful and intricate designs.

The brilliance behind each piece of BOUTON jewellery is due to each of the carefully selected simulated stones being hand set into 925 sterling silver, which is then finished off with rhodium, 12 carat gold, rose gold or black rhodium plating. The flawlessly cut BOUTON simulated stones come in the natural diamond-inspired colours of rare vivid yellow, ruby and sapphire.

The extensive BOUTON collection features over 200 designs including celebratory rings, stacker rings, earrings, simple pendants and bracelets, charms, cufflinks and showstopper necklaces containing over 600 gems. Each piece of BOUTON jewellery also features a 2 year international warranty.