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Like other artists in the Tiwi Community, Timothy Cook continues the tradition of jilamara/ceremonial or customary design in his own bold and energetic style. By using natural earth ochres, the artist has created a gritty texture, making the canvas shimmer. The subject of the work is a Tiwi initiation ceremony for both men and women called kulama, traditionally held on the night that a ring forms around the moon. Today, a shorter version of the ceremony is performed to promote health and the regeneration of life. Designs used in the ceremony may be owned by particular artists – through their specific Dreaming stories or custodianship of Country – while others can be freely used.

Timothy Cook, Tiwi people, Kulama, 2010, natural earth pigments and binder on linen, 200 x 200 x 4 cm, The Wesfarmers Collection of Australian Art, Boorloo/Perth, © Timothy Cook/Copyright Agency, 2022

Postcard Dimension: 150 x 150 mm