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According to S. Chandrasekaran, “the modern myth is about time, and not about modern art. It’s about the times that we are living in. How do we resurface these myths and make them relevant to today’s context? How do these myths give meaning to art?” He believed that the role of the artist is to create these modern myths. For artists like Chandrasekaran, the search for a personal, hand-made aesthetic that engaged with craft techniques and an unconventional relationship to materials provided the space within which to experiment and develop their practice. Chandrasekaran developed his ideas about myth, and art, at the Mahabalipuram College of Traditional Arts in Madras, South India, where he did an apprenticeship in 1994. It is during this apprenticeship that he realised that religion created its own myths and stories, and saw that art did the same.

Dimension: 148 x 105 mm