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Lim Leong Seng. Rebuild. 1977. Metal rods held together, 130 x 50 x 50 cm. Collection of National Gallery Singapore.

Lim Leong Seng grew up in the 50s in a village at Island Club Road in Singapore. At the age of 18, under the guidance of Buddhist Master Venerable 'Zhumo', Leong Seng took up Buddhist studies and Chinese painting. He graduated from the Baharuddin Vocation Institute in 1971. A full-time sculptor based in Singapore since 1990, Leong Seng is equally known for his diverse range of painting styles.
Bali has been a constant source of inspiration for Leong Seng. He typically adopted a long-range approach where, in line with his artistic strategy, the key is exploration and the eventual integration of the ethnic culture, customs and ambience. In the late 80s, Leong Seng collage work incorporated rice paper, batik and gold foil, captured Asia rich multi-cultural heritage and helped him forged his very own distinctive style in the art of collage. Leong Seng experimentation with found and discard metals in the 80s spearheaded a series of dynamic sculpture

Dimension: 148 x 105 mm