Namibia Stella Jewelry Case

$98.00 SGD

A leopard can't change its spots, but we can change them (and did). Inspired by the ever-evolving African safari, our Namibia series gives the classic leopard print a contemporary makeover to match. A sleek combination of black and white punched up with shots of bright cobalt blue fills out this collection of our very own "big five."

Inside+Out: Namibia loves its locally mined diamonds. So does our Namibia Stella Jewelry Case. If you make it unanimous, the three of you can meet in a shop in Windhoek or Swakopmund and take care of business. Our trusty, plushly lined case features a detachable pouch that's perfect for the excursion. And then when all is said and done, your new best friend can take the longer trip home with you in the case's large zippered pocket, one of two smaller zippered pockets, or on a strip made for earrings and rings. And they all lived happily ever after...

+ Material: Water resistant coated canvas + faux leather trim
+ Soft velour lining | Color: Blue
+ Imported
+ Metal zip closure
+ Snap-In Earring + Ring Bar
+ Clasp detachable pouch
+ Flawless gold metal hardware 

6.5"W x 6.5"H x 1.5"D