Marrakech Stella Jewelry Case

$98.00 SGD

With a mesmerized eye on the intricate tile mosaics that fill Morocco's interiors, we created the Marrakech collection. The pattern's deceptively complex geometry mirrors the organized chaos of life in that city and the bright colors celebrate spring. It all shapes up to eight accessories that add a fun burst of the exotic, and order, to your everyday life.

Inside+Out: There's no shortage of jewelry to snatch up in Marrakech, whether you take a shine to the tribal styles piled high in the souks or the modern updates from ateliers, or both. Our Marrakech Stella Jewelry Case will take it all and ensure a safe passage home for your golden finds. Outfitted with a soft, luxurious lining, the bag features a zippered pocket large enough for even the boldest Berber necklace, two smaller zippered pockets, a strip to secure earrings and rings, and a detachable pouch that's perfect for transporting your new baubles from the shop back to the main case.

+ Material: Water resistant coated canvas + faux leather trim
+ Soft velour lining | Color: Black
+ Imported
+ Metal zip closure
+ Snap-In Earring + Ring Bar
+ Clasp detachable pouch
+ Flawless gold metal hardware

6.5"W x 6.5"H x 1.5"D