Rp 1.570.000,00 IDR

This year, La Maison Les Néréides is celebrating its 40th anniversary and by way of celebration is relaunching 40 pieces of iconic costume jewellery! An emblem of the city of Toulouse, where violets are grown for their beautiful fragrance, this exquisite flower blooms from February to May and covers the fields and gardens with a carpet of dark purple, sometimes dotted with shimmers of white. On the occasion of La Maison's 40th anniversary, Les Néréides is relaunching the Violet collection. Constantly invented and reinvented, this women’s jewellery collection features beautiful hand-enamelled violets. Wear this unique adjustable flower ring, a violet flower with pistils gilded in fine gold and delicately hand-enamelled petals.Adjustable Ring: gold plated brass composed of an enameled violet flower.

2,5cm Length

1,5cm Width

3,49g Weight