THOMAS SABO Ring Scorpion

Rp 10.730.000,00 IDR

- Personal lucky charm
- Highest silversmithing art
- Southwest-Native-American influence

Powerful animal with mystical meaning: The elaborately handcrafted THOMAS SABO scorpion ring passes on its desire for freedom and its inherent protective instinct to the wearer.

Crafted in a three-dimensional manner like a sculpture, the ring is an extraordinary companion. In addition to the intensely luminous abalone mother-of-pearl inlays, over 110 hand-cut and hand-set stones decorate the piece of jewellery and make it an absolute masterpiece of the iconic THOMAS SABO world. Crafted down to the last detail, even the ring shaft with its tendril ornamentation is a testimony to its artistry.

The THOMAS SABO scorpion ring adds a truly extraordinary statement to any personal ring collection.

Category Ring

Material 925 Sterling silver, blackened

Stones abalone mother-of-pearl, zirconia black, agate

Colour violet, turquoise, black, green, silver-coloured

Height approx. 4,50 cm (1,77 Inch)

Width approx. 2,40 cm (0,94 Inch)

Thickness approx. 0,60 cm (0,24 Inch)

Size: 54