Rp 295.000,00 IDR

The Singapore-born British artist Kim Lim devoted her practice, spanning over four decades, to abstract sculpture and printmaking. She held an enduring interest in the qualities of light, space and rhythm, which she explored across a wide range of materials. The artist's visual lexicon was informed by the organic forms and rhythms found in nature, as well as her travels across Asia and Europe. This title sees her artistic ideas and processes from the 1950s to the 1990s take centre stage. It traces the development of Lim's practice through writings, photographs of works taken by Lim in her home studio, and an interview with her sons, offering a rare glimpse into her personal and artistic life.

The Artist Speaks series presents an intimate look at artists through their words and works, tracing the ideas, influences and experiences—as told by artists themselves—that shape their practice.

Editor: Joleen Loh
230 x 160 mm
ISBN: 978-981-14-5178-2
Date of publication: May 2022