Star Jasmine Asymmetrical Earrings

Rp 2.810.000,00 IDR

A refined and delicate piece, this mismatched pair of earrings offers for your left ear a jasmine flower earring in the shape of a star and white crystals. On the right side are two jasmine flower stars, one with white crystals, the other with green crystals. Gold plated metal and cubic zirconia clip-on earrings for bohemian women, the ideal match for your spring outfits! Quickly discover the Star Jasmine collection as well as all the other unique creations from La Maison Les Néréides.

Earrings : Gold-plated brass, cut crystals and zirconium oxides

Length: 2,2cm

Width: 1,4cm

Depth: 1,6cm

Weight: 2,5g