Rp 43.000,00 IDR

Vincent M Hoisington. Entrepreneur. Undated. Aluminium, 129 x 104 x 14 cm. Gift of Agnes Hoisington. Collection of National Gallery Singapore.

Not bound by formal training, Hoisington's paintings demonstrate spontaneity and bold experimentation with materials available at the time. Although the works he produced in the 1950s and 1960s had the immediacy and flatness of action painting, compositions are held together by the structure of representational forms. Their highly energetic surfaces are created with the use of scraping tools, dynamic drips and swift brushwork, captured in fast-drying industrial paints and later, acrylics. Hoisington was closer to Ng and fellow sculptors Aw Eng Kwang and Lim Nang Seng. It was also after spending time with Ng that Hoisington started scouring factories for metal cast-offs and experimenting on relief sculptures.

Dimension: 148 x 105 mm