SHANG XIA Tealeaf Gift Set

$128.00 SGD

SHANG XIA continues to follow the inspiration of tea while launching the new series of gift sets. The piece contains delicately wrapped, aromatic Pu-erh Tea cubes. The circular shape captures the beauty of heaven and earth.

The Pu-erh Tea is sourced from the premium ecological tea gardens in the Lincang production area of the Lancang River Basin. It is an optimal place for a tea plantation due to the high forest coverage, humid climate, and ample clouded mist. A senior team of skilled tea-making masters adopt the traditional fermentation process to treat cooked Pu-erh Tea. The slow fermentation lasts 50-60 days, and brings out the original mellowness of the tea. Red and rich in flavor, the tea water is rendered with a fruity sweetness, that is soft, smooth, and harmonious.

Contents: Pu-erh Tea

Dimension: 190*165*40mm